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Tehtuna Austin Web design agency offers affordable website design with a selection of Web Design packages. Creative web design for 9 years.

Tehtuna Design is a freelance studio of one. My name is , and I am an Austin based web design and development professional. I also help with brand identity and print design. My goal is to help you build & maximize your online presence using web design & development, brand identity building, social media, and more.

I have been designing and developing since I was 15, but did not start professionally until 2005.
I am not interested in how many projects I have at once, I am more concerned with the quality I am returning to my clients. So you can come to expect one on one interaction, and great returns.

Its important in this age to have an online presents, no matter what type of business you own.
I help you reach out to your customers by building and maintaining a strong online presence. No project is to small, feel free to reach out to me if you have a project you would like to discuss, or read more about me on Linkedin.

Skill Set Profile:

Over the many years of designing I have learned many skills that help me in my web design endeavours. One skill set that I am particularly proud of is my knowledge in web development. It is a rare breed of web designer that also knows how to develop (and well).

I can attribute that to my thirst for knowledge, once I pick up on something that I think is interesting its hard for me to pull away.

Below is a short list of what I am capable of in both web design and development. If there is a project that you need done but don’t see the skill set listed below feel free to shoot me an email query.

Web Design Skills

Design Theory

Web Development Skills